NDC Educational Webinar Series

“Telling the Natural Diamond Story” – A Free Natural Diamond Council Webinar for Sales Professionals

Rediscover the magic of Diamonds through our “Telling the Natural Diamond Story” webinar.

The Natural Diamond Council is here to help you and your associates tell the remarkable story of natural diamonds while keeping  your customers engaged and focused on the positive aspects of our industry! 

The program is designed to help sales professionals understand the real reasons our customers choose diamonds as symbols of life’s greatest moments, and to offer practical and relevant strategies for telling the real diamond story and engaging clients, both at the counter and virtually. In this webinar you will learn:

  • Practical & effective tools to tell the natural diamond story positively and confidently
  • The importance of authenticity and engaging with the client in THEIR story
  • To establish direct and relevant links between the “WHY” of diamonds (what motivates our clients) and the unique attributes of natural diamonds.  (NOTE:  The “Why” is not about carbon and chemistry – but rather about the nature of the diamond itself and about the client’s story and the meaning they have tied to it.)
  • How to add – in both fact and perspective – to several of the “knowns” sales professionals have regarding diamonds (i.e. rarity, history, clarity/inclusions).
  • The important, positive messages we need to communicate in order to get the full natural diamond story out there, all in the context of the sales presentation.

Of course, like all NDC materials and services, this program is provided to you at absolutely no cost.

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